A downloadable game for Windows

Solar Wind is a puzzle platformer about Light, All lights in the game exert a force on the player and movable objects. Currently it's movement puzzles but there are plans for using shadows and light to activate switches, to move objects to useful positions and possible to throw hazards out of your path.

As it stands this is a prototype piece built in GameMaker for Windows, but I aim to do a kickstarter in the next month or so to get a professional 2D artist and a musician involved and convert it into Unity so I can spread it out to as many platforms as I can manage. So please play and spread the word and pledge once the kickstarter kicks off.



Install instructions

Download the zip and extract it, then you should be able top run the .exe to start the game, no install required.

A/D or arrows to move.

W or up to jump.


Solar Wind Proof Of Concept 1 MB